Conference Presentations

The International Conference on the Reception of Ancient Greek Tragic Myth in Modern Greek Poetry and Theatre of the 20th and 21st Centuries, organised by the “Eumenides Project”, was held in December 2014 in Nicosia, Cyprus. The Conference, which was generously funded by the Cyprus Research Promotion Foundation, included eleven papers by an international panel of scholars (Dimitris Tziovas, Roderick Beaton, Lorna Hardwick, Gonda van Steen, Michael Paschalis, Ioannis Konstantakos, Vayos Liapis, Anastasia Bakogianni, Maria Dimaki-Zora, Demetra Demetriou, and Antonis Petrides). You may listen to the presentations by clicking on the links below. 


Address by Prof. Costas Christou, Chair of the Governing Board, Open University of Cyprus 

&  Welcome by Vayos Liapis, Principal Investigator of the “Eumenides” Project    Video 


Maria Pavlou

Presentation of the “Eumenides” Project and Website     Video


Lorna Hardwick  

Can Transmission and Transformation be Reconciled?  Video


Dimitris Tziovas

Between Homage and Appropriation: Politicising and (De)mythologising the Ancient Past in Modern Greek Poetry    Video 


Roderick Beaton 

Between Myth and History: Seferis’ Mythistorema and the Modernist Reception of Classical Drama Video


Michael Paschalis 

George Seferis and Euripides’ Bacchae     Video 


Ioannis Konstantakos 

Very Tragical Mirth: Myth and the Tragic in Pavlos Matesis’ Towards Eleusis     Video


Gonda van Steen

The Greeks’ Heroic Debate with Aeschylus’ Persians: Tragedy Meets History, Myth, and Melodrama in the 1805 Persians or Xerxes of Demetriades    Video 


Antonis Petrides 

Dialogising Aeschylus in the poetry of Kyriakos Charalambides    Video 


Theodoros Grammatas & Maria Dimaki-Zora

Memories of Heroines in Memories of Spectators. Mythic, Dramatic and Theatrical Time from the Ancient Drama to the Modern Greek Theatre    Video 


Anastasia Bakogianni 

Electra as a Modern Greek Survivor: The Figure of the Tragic Heroine in the Poetry of Yannis Ritsos. Video 


Demetra Demetriou 

Myth, the Mask, and the “Masquerade” of Femininity: Performing Gender in Yannis Ritsos’ Ismene    Video 


Vayos Liapis 

Cassandra and the Centaur: Greek (Tragic) Myth in Marios Pontikas’ Play Neighing    Video 


Antonis Petrides

Conference Synopsis and Concluding Remarks   Video

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